Below is a list of hints that Hettie herself has compiled over the years
and would like to share a few of the most important.
Please enjoy and let us know if there is anything you’d like to add.


Most people put WAY too much soap in the washers, which doesn’t rinse out completely. This is will leave a soapy residue behind and the dryer will bake it directly into the fabric. Making the garment stiff and uncomfortable. After this residue is baked in, the garment will be harder to get clean in the future. Laundry Packets might be the better way to go. They are pre-measured for a fool proof perfect amount every time, and our washers will thank you for it. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly knowable staff for assistance if need be.

TowelsSeparate your clothes into three groups: Whites – Darks – and Mixed. This will prevent color bleed into other garments. It will also help to keep your whites – truly white.

Washing colors in cold water will help keep them looking great. All colored garments are treated with dyes to create those rich vibrant colors that we all know and love. Hot water in the washer will force more of that dye out of the fabric, making the garment look dull and dingy way too early. Today’s newer detergents are designed to work just as well in cold water as they do in hot. Give it a try. We are sure you will see a noticeable difference.

FabricSoftenerYou may use fabric softener on all things but towels. Towels do not absorb water as well after being washed using softener. Which kinda defeats the purpose of having a nice big thirsty towel.

DrierThe ONLY time to use high heat in drying is for towels. Otherwise you will have more wrinkles and possible shrinkage in your garments.

Why use dryer sheets? They help to remove static cling, softens the material, and gives everything that nice fresh scent.